Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Excessive Heat Warning!

So, our temps have been hovering around 110 to 114 degrees for days now, with no rain in sight. Not a good time to plant anything. Most of my garden time is spent trying to save those plants that seem to be suffering the most. I did brave the heat and repaint the wall surrounding my pool area :-) This blue makes it feel a little bit cooler.
The Vinca in this pot couldn't even take this extreme heat. I can't believe the Sweet Potato Vine is still hanging in there.
I took a trip to the garden center at Lowe's. I actually went looking for some water plants. No luck with the water plants, but I did find this Obelisk trellis on clearance :-) Yay! I think I will try to train the pesky blackberry vine around this. I love the berries, but that vine gets out of control and the thorns are vicious!

Do you see the bee?? There are at least 50-60 of them in this area of my pond, but they don't hold still long enough to get a picture of them. Plus, I don't feel like holding still very long in the area to take a picture of them. Especially after my nasty bee sting in my armpit a couple of weeks ago while fishing with the hubby. Ouch! I think these bees are really thirsty due to our excessive heat and are drinking up as much water as they can. I can hardly blame them.

Ruellia. A plant that grows VERY well here in the desert. Although I like this plant, it can sometimes be a pain in the butt! One plant can turn into MANY all over your yard. For those of you who live here in the desert and have a tough spot in your yard that you just can't grow anything, plant one of these. I promise it will survive! I spend a lot of time pulling up little Ruellia's. I think I will start to replant them in pots and give them away to people in the neighborhood.

For instance, the ones above were not planted by me and they will soon be pulled up. I waited a little bit too long to get around to this, so I may need to use a shovel. I must admit that the flowers do make for a pretty walk down the path and the hummingbirds love them :-)
Sorry to have been away so long. I've been really busy in the studio.