Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where in the World is Bitsy - Chandler, AZ

Yes, I said Bitsy. You see, it started with "Where in the World is Bilbo", but then Bilbo got lost for awhile. So Bitsy had to take over his job of traveling to gardens all over the world and meeting their care takers. However, her job promotion was VERY short lived, as Bilbo has finally shown up at his intended destination which is Flower Garden Girl Garden.

As you can see, Bitsy enjoyed her short lived job promotion which brought her to Mosaic Cottage Gardens. She sipped lemonade and read People magazine and sunned herself next to the pool.

She was grateful to her hostess for supplying her with a swimsuit, sunglasses and a lounger that was just her size. This was a very relaxing vacation. She only wishes this job promotion could have lasted longer. She thinks Bilbo has it made!

She enjoyed all of the mosaic creations at the Mosaic Cottage Gardens and even hung out in the Mosaic Fairy House for a bit.
Alas, all good things must come to an end, so Bitsy will be headed back to her owner The Dirt Princess
where she will secretly hope that Bilbo gets lost again so that she may travel to another garden.
So head over to Flower Garden Girl's Garden and say hello to Bilbo and remind him that he had better be on top of things, as Bitsy is more than ready to take over his job responsibilities! :-)


  1. Ha ha ha! I love Bitsy's swimsuit and sunglasses! Very cute! She looks as though she's having a ball.

  2. She really had a great trip! I don't think Bilbo has been able to lounge by a pool and read People. That sounds like my idea of a vacation!
    I love the fairy house

  3. two blogs!! Good for you, good for us....I'll just sit in your garden world for a spell...

  4. Hi neighbor! I'm in Goodyear.Glad you found me!!

  5. Thank you for the link and I'll do the same right now. Hey--I love your mosaic cupcakes! They are too pretty. Very clever idea.

    Looks like you showed Bitsy a good time and that pool looks very refreshing.

  6. Your header photo is gorgeous. Is that your backyard? It looks so lush and cool for Chandler, AZ. Stop by my blog. I'm also in Arizona, but in the Wadell area.

  7. I so glad poor Bitsy had the chance to visit you! As the originator of all the trouble with Bilbo (I BLAME JANE AUSTEN)my embarrassment has been expetreme..thank goodness it is all resolved!

    I've been following your blog since June :I covet one of your cupcakes!

  8. Bitsy is a hoot! :) She's lucky to spend some time in the fairy house! That's a 5 star accomdoation for sure. :)