Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Yellow Trumpet Bush
and a close-up of the trumpet flowers. Little black ants seem to like it. This bush loves the heat!

This very large Sunflower is saying enough of the heat already!

A couple of his buddies are still hanging in there.

If you look closely, you can see a little bee.

Squash. This may be the only one that makes it, as the heat is killing the plant. Must buy shade cloth today.

I am not sure what this flower is. It was in a mixed package of seeds I tossed out last Fall. Seems to be tolerating the heat just fine.

Lemons. Not yellow yet.

Bad picture due to the sun, but this is a Yellow Trumpet Tree. One of my faves!

Yellow Hibiscus. I had to move the pot from the front patio to a little more protected area as the heat was scorching it, although it is a heat lover too. Just not 113 degrees day after day.

This is a cucumber. I cannot remember what kind, but the package stated it was heat tolerant. It is the funniest shape. I have a regular cucumber plant also mixed in with this plant.

Yellow Koi. He was moving too fast to get a better picture of him.
I hope you enjoyed my Yellow :-)
Have a fabulous sunny (not HOT) day!!! :-)


  1. You mystery flower is Lantana! I love all the yellows

  2. Hi Michelle, yellow is such a happy color. I agree with the princess, lantana. I see you already have some in your last post too. Those sunflowers are magnificent, they laugh at the heat! Cute little bee too. :-)
    Frances at Fairegarden

  3. Lantana is a great flower for heat....
    Great pictures. I love your yellow trumpet flowers. I have the orange vine-yuk!

  4. I love the yellow, a sunny color for a hot day. How lucky that you have a lemon tree, that's one thing I'd love to be able to grow.

  5. I think your yellows are cheery, and most seem ok w/the heat! How are YOU holding up?? :-) I wouldn't be too comfortable I don't think--but I supposed you get used to it.

    I have some lantana and it really does well for me. It isn't a perennial here, though, so I need to plant some each year.

    I love your hibiscus. I just wish I had a decent place to plant a sunflower. It would be fun to harvest the seeds!

  6. Everything is so bright and cheery!

    I want to get one of those fruit cocktail trees. That way I can have several different fruits at one time!

    I don't know how all of you tolerate those temperatures. My brother lives in Phoenix, and they were talking about how hot it is! I just can't do it! UGH! Maybe, if I moved to SEDONA! YEAH! Then I could handle it! LOL!

  7. Michelle, your garden is looking beautiful. I especially love the sun flowers.


  8. Hi Michelle! I am wondering how did you and your garden survive 116 degree heat? We had 103 here, and I almost died. I think that yellow and orange-colored flowers do better than other plants in the heat.